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“Belated”Garrison Follower Friday: Talon Priest Ishaal

for those who follow me on Instagram , you have already seen this, but as I mentioned earlier i sometimes forget my various forms of social media such as this website…*sigh*

even birds need priests sometimes

5’x9′ Watercolor, Ink and Jelly Roller

the shadow priest class bodyguard “Talonpriest Ishaal” was the first Bodyguard I used and remains my favorite, maybe I was just spoiled because I wasn’t yet tromping through the Tanaan Jungle. he also comes with quite a bit of lore as he appeared as a pretty major villian in outland, which is why i tried to add a bit of the Skettis village from Terrokar forest to the background.

I tried something a little different. I tried using masking fluid to make the lightning after seeing Iraville’s cool tutorial about it, now I have tried using masking fluid in the past with seemingly no luck, but this time the effect was pretty good. it is definitely a technique I will be using in the future.

I even drew this image twice the first time was much closer and focused on his talon priest mask but the layout felt very bottom heavy and just not exceptionally dynamic, so I redrew it as this

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