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“Belated”Garrison Follower Friday: Talon Priest Ishaal

even birds need priests sometimes

for those who follow me on Instagram , you have already seen this, but as I mentioned earlier i sometimes forget my various forms of social media such as this website…*sigh*

even birds need priests sometimes

5’x9′ Watercolor, Ink and Jelly Roller

the shadow priest class bodyguard “Talonpriest Ishaal” was the first Bodyguard I used and remains my favorite, maybe I was just spoiled because I wasn’t yet tromping through the Tanaan Jungle. he also comes with quite a bit of lore as he appeared as a pretty major villian in outland, which is why i tried to add a bit of the Skettis village from Terrokar forest to the background.

Garrison Follower Friday- Fen Tau

Panderians, when April fools jokes go too far.
Panderians, when April fools jokes go too far.

watercolor, Ink, & Jelly roller

,I am not a huge fan of Panderians; However Carey likes them and there is only one panderian follower so I relented. for mistwalker monk, Fen Tau
I was going for a “wall-walk” style move a la neo in the matrix.Don’t know if i quite accomplished that but I am now done with panderians (until new ones pop up in Legion)

and now for something completely different…

um... it's a bird thing

I had a few moments while rendering so I played around with some photoshop brushes I don’t use nearly enough.

um... it's a bird thing

based on day one of @Sketch_Dailies &@letsmakemonster topic #MakeMyMonster

Tales from the spiderverse: the fantastic Spider-man

During Spiderverse one of the first alternate earths superior spider-man comes to is Earth 772, first seen in What If #1. the spider-man here had been killed but i remembered it fondly from back when I was scouring quarter bins for What if comics. little was ever known about this world but i reasoned that their was a good chance that Norman Osborn would have found away to become “the cosmic goblin: herald of Galactus”, before you call me out for it being far fetched, remember that Aunt may was once a herald of Galactus as well. these piece takes place between What if #1 and What If Vol 2 #35 where Uatu revisited the world during a “time crisis”, which is why sue storm is absent as she was shaking up with Namor at the time.

Cosmic awareness and he still throws pumpkin bombs?

Cosmic awareness and he still throws pumpkin bombs?

initially this was Black and white ink (and red around human torch), but the line work was pretty thin and I figured it could use a little color so this is my 30 minute digital color job.

Tales from the Spiderverse: Spider-Punk

During the mega cross over Spider-verse we were introduced to by far one of my favorite incarnations of Spider-man: Spider-man from earth 138 a.k.a Spider-Punk. first showing up as a quasi-background player in this whole debacle and even in the moble app created for the event, Spider Punk didn’t really hit home until his short story “with great power comes no future” in Spiderverse #2. the story had an almost animated feel to it, I can’t stress how fun this was. we are introduced to Hobart brown (who became the prowler in the 616 universe), who along with his spider friends is fighting the man (the man being of course a venom powered Norman Osborn).

If you are concerned that this wasn’t really punk then please take your argument to any other place on the internet where they like to categorize music in order to make what i like seem less.

who are some of punk’s biggest enemies? Metal heads! thus the spider SLAYERs would probably be a particularly harsh thorn in his side.

getting "jumped" by spider slayers

getting “jumped” by spider slayers

for this one I initially planed to use only ink wash, but after starting I felt I should add red as the more extreme Slayer fans tend to carve the bands name in their skin leaving it red and/or bloody, and since spidey is a two colored hero I added blue as well.

Tales from the Spiderverse: Spider-Brit

The mega spider-man cross over “Spiderverse” has come and gone, and along with “Superior Spider-man” has caused me to jump back on the Spider-man band wagon. Will I keep this status after Secret wars… we shall see.

I love the concept of the Multiverse, and this crossover was a shining example of what can be done with it. rising from the depths of quarter bins we were reintroduced to MC2‘s Mayday parker, Spider-ham and Spider-man 2099 among others. the only downside was only getting a glimpse of the world they existed in.

When i was in Junior high and high school I would regularly stay up late and watch old British television on our local PBS station, much of which I only barely understood. While others were smoking, underage drinking and having pre-marital sex this is the form my rebellion against the world took (take that bed time!). this is what that version of myself would have thought the sinister six would have looked like.

From a world where Spider-man and Captain Britian are one and the same (Amazing Spider-man Vol3 #7). Ink and colored marker

From a world where Spider-man and Captain Britian are one and the same (Amazing Spider-man Vol3 #7). Ink and colored marker

I found a bunch of old art supplies at work and wanted to see if they even worked so I chose to do this piece with 20+ year old colored markers. it’s not a medium I am super confident with but sometimes it is good to get out of your comfort zone

5 years, the time she does fly.

Five years ago, I conned Carey into making a questionable life choice and marrying me, and it’s worked out pretty awesomely so far.

this was our Save the date:

What better way to get peoples attention then with a tribute to the most iconic wedding comic ever ” Amazing spider-man 21″

Fun Fact the Heroes and Villains were members of our Wedding party!

Fun Fact the Heroes and Villains were members of our Wedding party!

And our Ivitation:


Silver-age shenanigans, X-men, Universal monsters and the X-files, you get to guess witch ones were chosen by Carey and which were Chosen by me.

Fan Art Friday: Daughter of smoke and bone


I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I have been pretty busy as of late trying to put together a fairly massive poster for the Drunken Zombie Deadly Double feature in May (we are presenting Gammera and Gappa: beast from the prehistoric world to tie in with the Hype Godzilla is generating). so i figured i would crack open my sketch book for a quick fan art Friday.

Don’t expect these to be a regular thing as I typically wouldn’t consider my sketches fan art but I found Laini Taylor‘s series “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series so much fun I was inspired to sketch a pic of  Karau at home before the books start.


Karau and Company in Better Times

I typically use this sketchbook to work on spotting blacks and try to keep it strictly Black and white; this was my first deviation into color. Karau’s blue hair is described as being almost magically Blue, so I didn’t think it could be drawn properly in Black and white.  I picked up a blue pilot pen from the grocery store and sketched it in

Carey picked the first book up on CD for our trip to visit family in Texas. Initially she didn’t think I would like it because it had to many romantic elements in it; but I latched onto it like few other books. the story has some exceptionally original characters and there relationships.

“an angel and demon fell in love… it didn’t end well”. Rather then embracing cliches the series turns the romeo and Juliet trope on it’s ear. rather then sacrificing himself when he thought his love was dead Akiva, who is the Romeo role in this analogy decides to go on a genocidal rampage, and when Karau (his juliet) is brought back to life she is understandably not cool with it… at all. it’s great to see a romance where the attractive “bad boy” is forced to deal with this past transgressions rather then embraced because of them. I am only touching upon the epicly layered plot, their is plenty of intrigue political machinations between chimera and seraphim as well as action and humor; in all it was a very well rounded book.

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the third book “Dreams of Gods and Monsters” from the library even before it was processed for the shelves (it’s always useful to know librarians), and the sere immensity of the story hasn’t let up at all. It has definetly made my top ten favorite books list

my brief attempt to be fablous

first Cantina Drag showIn an attempt to generate some desperately needed revenue “the Cantina” bar in Pekin tried to organize events that would attract customers. to this one of the owners conscripted Carey (as she is a student of Drag culture, ask about her upcoming play “King Queen”) to help put together a drag show, and me to provide a poster. For the inaugural show I wanted give it a very pop art feel and attempted to channel the amazing work of Chad Sell to put something together.

the second show was a Halloween themed show, and they were hoping for a quasi-horror movie poster for advertising it, I instantly thought of the iconic poster for George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” and using my limited knowledge of drag queen jargon (Carey watches RuPaul’s Drag Race religiously) I went from there.

Drag of the Dead

ultimately the Cantina succumbed to a combination of bad location (second story bars can only survive in St. Paul MN’s Skyway), a dumb name (If you call yourself the Cantina you better be either a Mexican restaurant or a star wars themed bar), and primarily incompetent management. The drag scene in Peoria IL had all but dissolved, though it has recently made something of a comeback.

You make other posters?

My poster work is not only limited to the Drunken Zombie Double Features, I am also available for other event promotion.

One of the guys I used to play RPGs with changed careers and as part of that he became a christian rock promoter with a focus on Christian Punk and Metal. I know next to nothing about Christian rock let alone Christian Metal (which is all honesty I thought was a contradiction in terms). tasked with a concert days before Cornerstone (which is apparently a big Christian Rock fest) he needed a poster quickly so I volunteered to help out

metal fest

If you type “heavy metal gig poster” into Google you will be treated to a host of demonic images, for obvious reasons I couldn’t go this route, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t use some of the Gothic imagery that is a mainstay of this type of art. So I went for a sort of carved stone tablet motif flanked by angels rocking out. for the background I used some colorized pictures of construction to evoke a sort of “book of revelations” feel (as this is the book of the bible i am most familiar with, as I assume are most metal fans). All logos were provided (except for white lie empire, which I had to slap together)