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Garrison Follower Friday- Dagg

more like "not so subtlety rogue... am I right! *crickets chirp*
more like "not so subtlety rogue... am I right! *crickets chirp*

5×9 watercolor, ink and jelly roller

Dagg is the answer to the unasked question “can an ogre be a subtlety rogue?”, the concept is pretty ridiculous as Dagg shows up all around Draenor disguised as a cage, a plant, and a two headed ogre;as ludicrous as is sounds it apparently works as no mobs seem to see him.

as Dagg is probably the closes thing to warcraft batman,  I based this piece loosly off of Norm Brefoygle’s cover of Batman 465 ;which I know is based off of the cover of Batman #9 by Jack Burnley but this comic was very iconic to twelve year old me, as it was not only a dynamic image but the first appearance of Tim drake Robin.


“Belated”Garrison Follower Friday: Talon Priest Ishaal

even birds need priests sometimes

for those who follow me on Instagram , you have already seen this, but as I mentioned earlier i sometimes forget my various forms of social media such as this website…*sigh*

even birds need priests sometimes

5’x9′ Watercolor, Ink and Jelly Roller

the shadow priest class bodyguard “Talonpriest Ishaal” was the first Bodyguard I used and remains my favorite, maybe I was just spoiled because I wasn’t yet tromping through the Tanaan Jungle. he also comes with quite a bit of lore as he appeared as a pretty major villian in outland, which is why i tried to add a bit of the Skettis village from Terrokar forest to the background.

Garrison Follower Friday- Fen Tau

Panderians, when April fools jokes go too far.
Panderians, when April fools jokes go too far.

watercolor, Ink, & Jelly roller

,I am not a huge fan of Panderians; However Carey likes them and there is only one panderian follower so I relented. for mistwalker monk, Fen Tau
I was going for a “wall-walk” style move a la neo in the matrix.Don’t know if i quite accomplished that but I am now done with panderians (until new ones pop up in Legion)

Garrison Follower Friday- Aeda Brightdawn

never trust a demonologist to be your bodyguard.
never trust a demonologist to be your bodyguard.

Ink water color and jelly roller

so far my least favorite body guard, Demonology Warlock, Aeda BrightDawn. I really didn’t plan the layout of this piece very well as you can barely tell he has creepy green and black wings.

sketchbook- symbiotic Hedy Lamarr

silver screen simbiote
silver screen simbiote

Ink, marker, highlighter, jelly roller

The villain in the latest season of Agent Carter seemed less like Madame Masque (her actual namesake) and more like Hedy Lamarr with a venom symbiote

Garrison follower Friday-Olin Umberhide

Olin Umberhide-warrior jewelcrafter

yet another contrasty scan ink, watercolor & jellyroller

I went in a different direction with Protection Warrior, Olin Umberhide. Rather then focus on his warrior aspects I went with his permanent trait: Jewelcrafting. I guess it was just the thought of a large Tauren tinkering with intricate jewelry that had me fascinated, which I am sure is what blizzard intended.

Shadow Hunter Rala-Garrison Follower Friday

hunter of shadows
hunter of shadows

another contrasty scan
ink & watercolor

one of only two possible troll followers, Marksmen Hunter-Shadow Hunter Rala is a bit of a pain to draw as his gear is very unusual, particularly  his odd face gear.

Garrison Follower Friday- Ka’ la

typicaly subtlty and orcs don't go together, but this time is an exception

9″x7″ ink and watercolor

these warcraft sketches are quickly becoming a series.

subtlety rogue, Ka’la, was one of my first garrison followers, which she is kinda one of my favorites (at least one of my favorite orcs, of which there are an abundance

I tried to use some contrasting colors to make her red skin pop, I forget that not all orcs are green, especially in draenor… does that make me raciest

Garrison Follower Friday – Vivianne


the scan makes it look way more contrasty then it is in real life.
Graphite, ink and waterolor on paper.

playing around with watercolors again. I thought I would try to make something good come from my warcraft addiction. I was clean for years but fell off the wagon about a year ago. it’s a good stress management tool, and I don’t let it overwhelm me to much.

a lot of people have complained about the garrison aspect that was introduced in Warlords of Draenor, but I actually like having a sort of “base of operations” rather then just setting your hearthstone to the various Inns across azeroth; which is probably words to live by in “meatspace” as well.

Vivianne is an undead fire mage with the bodyguard trait so she has followed me around Draenor. so far she has been the my favorite bodyguard, though in fairness I haven’t used all five yet.


but what about the ladies…


as i mentioned in an earlier post in indie horror the only thing that comes close to zombie films is vampires (with the possible exception of generic forest based slasher flicks) and within those most are about “sexy goth” vampire chicks. not that their is anything wrong with that but many verge on the line between that and softcore pornography.

If I remember correctly the temptress wasn’t our first pic, it was an equally terrible movie called shadow people, but at the last minute the filmmakers felt they were above a double feature… oh well.

I can’t tell you too much about the temptress other then it was relesed threw the now defunct shatter house productions because I just couldn’t pay attention threw it… no reason,just couldn’t.

the werewolf vs. vampire woman is exactly what you expect from a 1970’s exploitation horror film.

in this poster I was just playing around with frame elements when I realized I needed to finish it so that’s why you have a repetitively simple image and a gaudy frame. there was also a “non-bloody” version that no one liked.

two big foot movies for one small foot price


with out a doubt the two worst films we have shown at the double feature. normally we would have a “420” show in April, but it fell on a weekday so we relented and just chose a weekend that worked (though to get threw these two movies you would probably need something)

Alabama Sasquatch is the sequel to weed wolf, neither of which can I recommend in the slightest. both were stoner movie made by stoners for a stoner crowd… and still manage to disappoint.

Legend of Boggy Creek is just a  very boring bigfoot psudo-documentary, it is the cinematic equivalent of ambien.

as a nod to our usual “Uncle Randy’s 420 spectacular” that we had to forgo, I included Uncle randy on the poster, hunting for bigfoot. you may recognize some of the characters lurking behind him, Harry for harry and the Hendersons being the most obvious. the others were dug up from old swamp thing and sandman comics.

While Uncle randy does not have an actual monkey butler (you have to be quadriplegic to get one… not that I’ve checked) he does own an enormous collection of monkey paintings, at over 1000 it is crazy impressive. we keep trying to get him to post some of them online but alas he claims to be a Luddite when it comes to blogs.




and now for something completely different…

um... it's a bird thing

I had a few moments while rendering so I played around with some photoshop brushes I don’t use nearly enough.

um... it's a bird thing

based on day one of @Sketch_Dailies &@letsmakemonster topic #MakeMyMonster

Adventure Time Card Wars: Fat Goat

5.5 x 8.5 watercolor and ink

5.5 x 8.5 watercolor and ink

He’s a Goat, He’s fat… what more do you want.

I remember being annoyed that the light beams weren’t as luminous on fat goat as I wanted, but now that I look at it again it doesn’t bother me
Fat Goat as played in the game:

courtesy of the card wars wiki

Fan Art Friday: Daughter of smoke and bone


I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I have been pretty busy as of late trying to put together a fairly massive poster for the Drunken Zombie Deadly Double feature in May (we are presenting Gammera and Gappa: beast from the prehistoric world to tie in with the Hype Godzilla is generating). so i figured i would crack open my sketch book for a quick fan art Friday.

Don’t expect these to be a regular thing as I typically wouldn’t consider my sketches fan art but I found Laini Taylor‘s series “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series so much fun I was inspired to sketch a pic of  Karau at home before the books start.


Karau and Company in Better Times

I typically use this sketchbook to work on spotting blacks and try to keep it strictly Black and white; this was my first deviation into color. Karau’s blue hair is described as being almost magically Blue, so I didn’t think it could be drawn properly in Black and white.  I picked up a blue pilot pen from the grocery store and sketched it in

Carey picked the first book up on CD for our trip to visit family in Texas. Initially she didn’t think I would like it because it had to many romantic elements in it; but I latched onto it like few other books. the story has some exceptionally original characters and there relationships.

“an angel and demon fell in love… it didn’t end well”. Rather then embracing cliches the series turns the romeo and Juliet trope on it’s ear. rather then sacrificing himself when he thought his love was dead Akiva, who is the Romeo role in this analogy decides to go on a genocidal rampage, and when Karau (his juliet) is brought back to life she is understandably not cool with it… at all. it’s great to see a romance where the attractive “bad boy” is forced to deal with this past transgressions rather then embraced because of them. I am only touching upon the epicly layered plot, their is plenty of intrigue political machinations between chimera and seraphim as well as action and humor; in all it was a very well rounded book.

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the third book “Dreams of Gods and Monsters” from the library even before it was processed for the shelves (it’s always useful to know librarians), and the sere immensity of the story hasn’t let up at all. It has definetly made my top ten favorite books list

my brief attempt to be fablous

first Cantina Drag showIn an attempt to generate some desperately needed revenue “the Cantina” bar in Pekin tried to organize events that would attract customers. to this one of the owners conscripted Carey (as she is a student of Drag culture, ask about her upcoming play “King Queen”) to help put together a drag show, and me to provide a poster. For the inaugural show I wanted give it a very pop art feel and attempted to channel the amazing work of Chad Sell to put something together.

the second show was a Halloween themed show, and they were hoping for a quasi-horror movie poster for advertising it, I instantly thought of the iconic poster for George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” and using my limited knowledge of drag queen jargon (Carey watches RuPaul’s Drag Race religiously) I went from there.

Drag of the Dead

ultimately the Cantina succumbed to a combination of bad location (second story bars can only survive in St. Paul MN’s Skyway), a dumb name (If you call yourself the Cantina you better be either a Mexican restaurant or a star wars themed bar), and primarily incompetent management. The drag scene in Peoria IL had all but dissolved, though it has recently made something of a comeback.

Hurry up and wait is how I roll

crazy busy today but that’s not necessarily A bad thing. let’s see I have to finish up a very painful project which is going to be extremely ineffective,  but is being heralded by people at a higher paygrade then I and thus must be smarter…right? At least it can be cobbled together from the parts of other (better) projects. My work on it has been compared to “Gordon Ramsey making a hamburger”, while I prefer to think of myself as more of an Alton Brown when it comes to my work, this comparison is pretty apt because I simply can’t stop yelling about it.

I am putting he finishing touches on the Drunken Zombie Deadly Double Feature that is happening this weekend (only $7 for both “Bload-soaked” and “Mesa of Lost Women”) unfortunately with the holiday my schedule got shot to hell and I didn’t get a poster finished for it. fortunately I had a generic we could use as a back-up. Not to say that I build the elements for it, which I did, but I didn’t get to put it together in time, hopefully I’ll finish it and add it into my periodic “Movie poster info dumps”.

and also due to the holiday craziness one of my freelance clients got lost in the shuffle; I felt terrible but when I finely got around to getting her some design thumbnails she could not have been more gracious about it, even had some potential follow up work I could do, sometime things just work out.

an experiment I tried was something called “Inktober” it was sort of a way to practice inking techniques by completing a small piece with full inks every day in November (god knows I need to work on spotting blacks), needless to say that didn’t happen, but what I did do was start a sketchbook that consisted of full pieces. I have found that, like some other artist friends, I shy away from using a nice sketchbook and rather opt for cheap spiral bound sketchbooks because I use them primarily for finding the best look for elements in my work such as drawing a hand several times until it looks right. the big drawback to this is that whenever someone asks to see your sketchbook, their is a welling up of embarrassment as they browse past your random scribblings to find the few full pieces.

which is the case with the following pic. while shopping for a gift for a friends child I was delighted when I spotted a super Grover plush toy. I had figured that he had been forgotten in the marketing Juggernaut that Elmo, abby kadabby and other sesame street characters have become.  upon further inspection I noticed that he had been updated to a sort of Super-grover 2.0 (I honestly do hope there was some sort of “death of super-grover” that involved four replacement Super-grovers, possibly including Iron monster and spider monster, before he ultimately reveled himself). This discovery led me to draw the following while watching TV that night.

Crisis of Infinite Furry monsters
“guardians of the universe” from left to right: Two headed Monster, Herry monster, Cookie Monster, Telly Monster

I felt that pairing pairing the two Super-grovers against each other in an interpretation of the classic crossover Green lantern #40. now while I know that Flash #123 was the actual debut of earth, but I am a bigger Green lantern fan then a flash fan plus it gave me that opportunity to replace the guardians with my favorite furry monsters from sesame street.

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