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sketchbook- symbiotic Hedy Lamarr

silver screen simbiote
silver screen simbiote

Ink, marker, highlighter, jelly roller

The villain in the latest season of Agent Carter seemed less like Madame Masque (her actual namesake) and more like Hedy Lamarr with a venom symbiote

Squirrel Girl #inktober


in celebration of squirrel girl getting her own series in January!

High Evolutionary <3 Darwin #inktober

High evolutionary loves Darwin

Both Carey and I have become fans of the tatoo reality shows like “Ink master” and “tattoo nightmares“. though I really wish they would focus on the artwork rather then the Drama, but I guess that is the formula for a reality show.

These shows coupled with some crazy theories I had about “agents of SHIELD” inspired the above sketch, though you know what they say about tattooing someones name on yourself…