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Garrison Follower Friday- Dagg

more like "not so subtlety rogue... am I right! *crickets chirp*
more like "not so subtlety rogue... am I right! *crickets chirp*

5×9 watercolor, ink and jelly roller

Dagg is the answer to the unasked question “can an ogre be a subtlety rogue?”, the concept is pretty ridiculous as Dagg shows up all around Draenor disguised as a cage, a plant, and a two headed ogre;as ludicrous as is sounds it apparently works as no mobs seem to see him.

as Dagg is probably the closes thing to warcraft batman,  I based this piece loosly off of Norm Brefoygle’s cover of Batman 465 ;which I know is based off of the cover of Batman #9 by Jack Burnley but this comic was very iconic to twelve year old me, as it was not only a dynamic image but the first appearance of Tim drake Robin.


Shadow Hunter Rala-Garrison Follower Friday

hunter of shadows
hunter of shadows

another contrasty scan
ink & watercolor

one of only two possible troll followers, Marksmen Hunter-Shadow Hunter Rala is a bit of a pain to draw as his gear is very unusual, particularly  his odd face gear.

Tales from the Spiderverse: Spider-Punk

During the mega cross over Spider-verse we were introduced to by far one of my favorite incarnations of Spider-man: Spider-man from earth 138 a.k.a Spider-Punk. first showing up as a quasi-background player in this whole debacle and even in the moble app created for the event, Spider Punk didn’t really hit home until his short story “with great power comes no future” in Spiderverse #2. the story had an almost animated feel to it, I can’t stress how fun this was. we are introduced to Hobart brown (who became the prowler in the 616 universe), who along with his spider friends is fighting the man (the man being of course a venom powered Norman Osborn).

If you are concerned that this wasn’t really punk then please take your argument to any other place on the internet where they like to categorize music in order to make what i like seem less.

who are some of punk’s biggest enemies? Metal heads! thus the spider SLAYERs would probably be a particularly harsh thorn in his side.

getting "jumped" by spider slayers

getting “jumped” by spider slayers

for this one I initially planed to use only ink wash, but after starting I felt I should add red as the more extreme Slayer fans tend to carve the bands name in their skin leaving it red and/or bloody, and since spidey is a two colored hero I added blue as well.

Tales from the Spiderverse: Spider-Brit

The mega spider-man cross over “Spiderverse” has come and gone, and along with “Superior Spider-man” has caused me to jump back on the Spider-man band wagon. Will I keep this status after Secret wars… we shall see.

I love the concept of the Multiverse, and this crossover was a shining example of what can be done with it. rising from the depths of quarter bins we were reintroduced to MC2‘s Mayday parker, Spider-ham and Spider-man 2099 among others. the only downside was only getting a glimpse of the world they existed in.

When i was in Junior high and high school I would regularly stay up late and watch old British television on our local PBS station, much of which I only barely understood. While others were smoking, underage drinking and having pre-marital sex this is the form my rebellion against the world took (take that bed time!). this is what that version of myself would have thought the sinister six would have looked like.

From a world where Spider-man and Captain Britian are one and the same (Amazing Spider-man Vol3 #7). Ink and colored marker

From a world where Spider-man and Captain Britian are one and the same (Amazing Spider-man Vol3 #7). Ink and colored marker

I found a bunch of old art supplies at work and wanted to see if they even worked so I chose to do this piece with 20+ year old colored markers. it’s not a medium I am super confident with but sometimes it is good to get out of your comfort zone

Squirrel Girl #inktober


in celebration of squirrel girl getting her own series in January!

Mermaid #inktober


Sketched Quickly in the waning light of the Drunken Zombie Deadly Drive-in

Hurry up and wait is how I roll

crazy busy today but that’s not necessarily A bad thing. let’s see I have to finish up a very painful project which is going to be extremely ineffective,  but is being heralded by people at a higher paygrade then I and thus must be smarter…right? At least it can be cobbled together from the parts of other (better) projects. My work on it has been compared to “Gordon Ramsey making a hamburger”, while I prefer to think of myself as more of an Alton Brown when it comes to my work, this comparison is pretty apt because I simply can’t stop yelling about it.

I am putting he finishing touches on the Drunken Zombie Deadly Double Feature that is happening this weekend (only $7 for both “Bload-soaked” and “Mesa of Lost Women”) unfortunately with the holiday my schedule got shot to hell and I didn’t get a poster finished for it. fortunately I had a generic we could use as a back-up. Not to say that I build the elements for it, which I did, but I didn’t get to put it together in time, hopefully I’ll finish it and add it into my periodic “Movie poster info dumps”.

and also due to the holiday craziness one of my freelance clients got lost in the shuffle; I felt terrible but when I finely got around to getting her some design thumbnails she could not have been more gracious about it, even had some potential follow up work I could do, sometime things just work out.

an experiment I tried was something called “Inktober” it was sort of a way to practice inking techniques by completing a small piece with full inks every day in November (god knows I need to work on spotting blacks), needless to say that didn’t happen, but what I did do was start a sketchbook that consisted of full pieces. I have found that, like some other artist friends, I shy away from using a nice sketchbook and rather opt for cheap spiral bound sketchbooks because I use them primarily for finding the best look for elements in my work such as drawing a hand several times until it looks right. the big drawback to this is that whenever someone asks to see your sketchbook, their is a welling up of embarrassment as they browse past your random scribblings to find the few full pieces.

which is the case with the following pic. while shopping for a gift for a friends child I was delighted when I spotted a super Grover plush toy. I had figured that he had been forgotten in the marketing Juggernaut that Elmo, abby kadabby and other sesame street characters have become.  upon further inspection I noticed that he had been updated to a sort of Super-grover 2.0 (I honestly do hope there was some sort of “death of super-grover” that involved four replacement Super-grovers, possibly including Iron monster and spider monster, before he ultimately reveled himself). This discovery led me to draw the following while watching TV that night.

Crisis of Infinite Furry monsters
“guardians of the universe” from left to right: Two headed Monster, Herry monster, Cookie Monster, Telly Monster

I felt that pairing pairing the two Super-grovers against each other in an interpretation of the classic crossover Green lantern #40. now while I know that Flash #123 was the actual debut of earth, but I am a bigger Green lantern fan then a flash fan plus it gave me that opportunity to replace the guardians with my favorite furry monsters from sesame street.